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Rugged Monitoring offers the services of comprehensive online/ offline condition monitoring for various electrical assets in major power generation, transmission and distribution companies, different energy intense industries, OEM’s, varied research and development laboratories.


We are committed to provide cost effective world class and innovative solution across a range of sectors. From site surveys to installation and commissioning of the system, we have an incredible track record in providing comprehensive condition monitoring solutions that meet any requirement from an organization.Our customized and specialized services are powering changes in various industrial segments around the world.

We at Rugged Monitoring offer various field services like:

i1Data collection from monitoring device from site
i1Report based Analysis of on site-data
i1Periodical / On demand report preparation
i1Insight on asset health

Rugged monitoring also conducts site visit and train the end user about the monitoring system and its functioning. Our Engineers train the end users on performing data analysis and how to ensure the proper health of electrical assets, upon which a completion certificate is issued. Rugged Monitoring provides a deep insight into the monitoring solution along with training to get a deeper and more in depth understanding of underlying technical issues and operational alternatives.



Rugged Monitoring has the capabilities and experience in providing customized condition monitoring solutions for your electrical assets that cater to the needs of both commercial and industrial applications. Rugged Monitoring possess unmatched experience in commissioning small to large projects for monitoring the entire network of electrical assets. All the projects are customer centric and customized at benchmark level through technology, innovation and are always in compliance with EHS.

expert advice

Expert Advice

Rugged Monitoring has asset experts with over 50+ years of combined experience who provide a 360 view of the asset analysis. They provide expert consultation for instant personalized solution, enabling the customers to connect one on one with an expert.

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