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Data Centers

Provides indications of early life issues that would other wise lead to catastrophic failures


With the fast-growing data center industry, it is crucial for operators to maximize up time and provide reliable equipment performance. The quality and availability of power is important to take the operations of data center to the next level.


Rugged Monitoring offers state of the art comprehensive monitoring solutions for various electrical assets in operation across the data center. The solutions with its advanced monitoring capabilities and analysis of the complete sensitive equipment increases stability and detects critical situations.


i1Provides predictive analytics
i1Ensures reliable operation and risk mitigation


how rm eye help
of Condition Monitoring System
Realtime data aids in providing predictive analytics
Provides comprehensive condition of the data center and prevents problems
Operators can access the condition of electrical assets in a single platform
Why Condition Monitoring of Data Centres

The system will alert the operators with its smart alarming before there is any serious fault and helps in minimizing the downtime, while also make the data center improve its reliability, optimize the equipment performance, and reduce the overall operational costs.

Monitoring Data Centre Assets
transformer TRANSFORMERS

Most versatile monitoring solution capable of monitoring one or multiple transformers at the same time.


Turnkey Monitoring solution with greater diagnostic capability to analyze crucial parameters of rotating machines.


transformer SWITCHGEAR

Monitoring and tracking switchgear performance is important for an efficient and increased asset lifetime. 

transformer POWER CABLES

Real time monitoring of cable terminations and joints for early fault detection, notification while enabling condition maintenance of power cables. 

transformer BREAKERS

Advanced comprehensive monitoring solution for your circuit breakers which keeps it in a well projected and highly safe operating mechanism

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