Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Monitoring solutions for reliable and timely operational decision making


Oil and natural gas being the most valuable source of energy, it is important to ensure that their exploration, production, and distribution is carried out as efficiently as possible. In the Oil & Gas manufacturing industry, electrical asset monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring reliable and timely operational decision making. Rugged Monitoring provides reliable and timely information required for taking crucial operational decisions on offshore platforms.


Rugged Monitoring provides comprehensive condition monitoring solutions for offshore oil refineries with the leading-edge design and engineering technology.  Our Solutions are focused to provide the condition of multiple electrical assets operating in any critical or harsh environmental conditions. By implementing comprehensive monitoring solutions, companies can gain real-time insights into the performance and health of their electrical assets. This enables proactive maintenance, early detection of anomalies, and the ability to make informed decisions regarding asset utilization, safety, and productivity. With accurate and up-to-date data on parameters like temperature, pressure, and power consumption, Oil & Gas manufacturers can optimize operations, minimize downtime, and mitigate the risk of equipment failures. 

i1Improves safety, repair and operations
i1Reduced downtime


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of Condition Monitoring System
Reducing maintenance and size of work force
Protecting critical assets and avoiding abnormal risks
Extending the life of electrical assets
Helps in making timely and optimal decisions
Features of Condition Monitoring Systems

Our solutions allow you understand the baseline condition of electrical assets and help protect the machinery from any unexpected catastrophic failures. Electrical asset monitoring solutions provide the foundation for efficient and reliable operations, helping companies in the industry achieve their production targets and maintain a competitive edge. Our comprehensive condition monitoring solutions combine sensors, monitors and software together with highly proficient service to avoid the abnormal risks and associated expenditure.

Monitoring Oil & Gas Assets
transformer TRANSFORMERS

Most versatile monitoring solution capable of monitoring one or multiple transformers at the same time.


Turnkey Monitoring solution with greater diagnostic capability to analyze crucial parameters of rotating machines.


transformer SWITCHGEAR

Monitoring and tracking switchgear performance is important for an efficient and increased asset lifetime. 

transformer POWER CABLES

Real time monitoring of cable terminations and joints for early fault detection, notification while enabling condition maintenance of power cables. 

transformer BREAKERS

Advanced comprehensive monitoring solution for your circuit breakers which keeps it in a well projected and highly safe operating mechanism

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