Steel Plant

Steel Plant

Realtime monitoring aids in decision making of maintenance, operations, and asset investment


Monitoring & diagnosing the condition of critical electrical assets in steel plant provides the flexibility to utilize the full potential of your assets. With a guaranteed commitment to production and quality, steel plants need to pay much attention towards the reliability and overall health of electrical assets in operation.


Rugged Monitoring customizes the comprehensive solutions with sensors, monitors, and software according to the customer specifications and requirements. The solutions provide a real-time view of asset health and condition status. Early warning of potential failures and highlighting the distinguished risk areas make the system more attractive.

i1Delivers early warning
i1Reliable and optimal performance


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of Condition Monitoring System
High precision modular design
Accurate measurement
Multiple digital and analogue outputs
Why Condition Monitoring of Steel plants

Continuous condition monitoring of electrical assets is an effective way to reduce maintenance activities, cut operating costs, and prevent unplanned shutdowns. Collecting data during normal operation can alert operators of problems in real time.

Monitoring Steel Plant Assets
transformer TRANSFORMERS

Most versatile monitoring solution capable of monitoring one or multiple transformers at the same time.


Turnkey Monitoring solution with greater diagnostic capability to analyze crucial parameters of rotating machines.


transformer SWITCHGEAR

Monitoring and tracking switchgear performance is important for an efficient and increased asset lifetime. 

transformer POWER CABLES

Real time monitoring of cable terminations and joints for early fault detection, notification while enabling condition maintenance of power cables. 

transformer BREAKERS

Advanced comprehensive monitoring solution for your circuit breakers which keeps it in a well projected and highly safe operating mechanism

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