Quality Policy Statement

RUGGED MONITORING is committed to providing high quality products and services to customers as soon as possible. Our continuous efforts to improve these products and services have always made it possible to fully satisfy the constantly changing needs of customers while maintaining the highest quality standards.

RUGGED MONITORING undertakes to:

• Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the quality management system to ensure that all stakeholders are well served.

• Encourage and support an atmosphere of continuous improvement of processes, products and services for better customer satisfaction and increased efficiency.

• Find new ways to increase the quality of products, services and support provided to our customers. An incentive structure is in place to encourage these new ideas.

• Comply with national and international regulations and standards, including local regulations applicable to its customers.

• Provide a safe and well-maintained work environment for all its employees.

• Provide continuous training and development for all employees, contractors and suppliers.

• Ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all employees.

• Do not ignore the quality concerns of employees and customers and take them with extreme urgency to resolve them as soon as possible.

• Periodically communicate with all stakeholders the documents relating to the vision, mission and policies of the company. This ensures that all employees and management are fully committed to RUGGED MONITORING ensuring the implementation and continuous improvement of the company's Quality Management System. Management will regularly assess the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and, if necessary, direct internal efforts for continuous improvement.

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