New Way of Adapting Energy Intelligence In Power Generation


We work with you to integrate our monitoring solutions with your power generating station from conventional to non-conventional energy sources. At Rugged Monitoring, we provide you with highly accurate comprehensive condition monitoring systems comprising of sensors, monitors and advanced asset monitoring software which makes power generating assets operate more efficiently.


We offer monitoring solutions with our wide range of most advanced customizable sensors and monitors for monitoring various parameters of different power generating assets in Nuclear, Hydroelectric, Coal Fired, Diesel Fired, Geothermal, Gas Fired, Solar and Wind Power plants.


Monitoring Generation Assets
transformer TRANSFORMERS

Most versatile monitoring solution capable of monitoring one or multiple transformers at the same time.


Turnkey Monitoring solution with greater diagnostic capability to analyze crucial parameters of rotating machines.


transformer SWITCHGEAR

Monitoring and tracking switchgear performance is important for an efficient and increased asset lifetime. 

transformer POWER CABLES

Real time monitoring of cable terminations and joints for early fault detection, notification while enabling condition maintenance of power cables. 

transformer BREAKERS

Advanced comprehensive monitoring solution for your circuit breakers which keeps it in a well projected and highly safe operating mechanism

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